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RX Machina

By: Caity-Shea Violette

Great Plains Theatre Conference




Elizabeth Thompson

Design Wing Fellow:

Erica Lauren Maholmes

Great Plains Theatre Conference offers a PlayLab space in which playwrights are paired with a Design Fellow to visually respond to the play and create imagery, installations, and experiences surrounding the play they selected.

In this combination of Photoshop creations I explore the feeling of being trapped within the pain of your own body but also a pharmaceutical industry that actively benefits from keeping people in pain and addicted to the drugs that these companies profit from. In the physical installation I created a series of gloved hands stuffed with paper money. These hands both claw for more money to stuff themselves with, as well as pushing forward fliers of the fictional drug 'Norcodion XR' from the play itself. The gloved hands then pour 'pills' from cocktail glasses stacked in champagne towers. Viewers entered into this installation, signed into the Waiting Room, and read a flier advertising 'Norcodion XR' and detailing a brief description of the play. Caity-Shea creates a devastating piece of artistry exploring themes of addiction, pain, helplessness, and the ways that corporations profit from suffering.

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