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By: Phaedra Michelle Scott

Great Plains Theatre Conference




Kathy Tyree

Design Wing Fellow:

Erica Lauren Maholmes

Great Plains Theatre Conference offers a PlayLab space in which playwrights are paired with a Design Fellow to visually respond to the play and create imagery, installations, and experiences surrounding the play they selected.

Sunny, an idealistic black millennial, is writing a history about the legacy of her family. Her younger sister, Janae wants to reject everything about her ancestry in favor of a created one. Sunny discovers the mystery of her grandparents and decides to confront her past head on in order to put the spirits in her life to rest.

In these Photoshop explorations and collages I explored themes of history, ancestry, and the memory of those that came before.  As well as an artistic interpretation of the ending moment of the play when light spills from behind the bookshelves, under the floorboards, and all the windows, filling the stage.

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