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By: Manjula Padmanabhan

Michael Merritt Awards (Virtual)

Collaborations of Merritt


Director: Kristin Schoenback

Scenic Design: Caroline Dischell

Costume Design: Amanda Vander Byl

Lighting Design: Erica Lauren Maholmes

Collaborations of Merritt is a designer and director collaboration festival which celebrates the work of creative teams in the performing arts. The teams will work through the process of design and directing a dream theater or opera project of their choosing leading up to a first rehearsal. Projects will culminate in a video “first rehearsal” presentation that includes research, renderings, models, and directorial concepts, that will be shared on the festival website. 

Harvest is a darkly comic and unsettling sci-fi parable imagines a grisly pact between the wealthy and the impoverished where body parts are sold for food, shelter, and riches. Set in the imminent future where technological advances have left many behind, where the destitute are openly preyed upon by those who have amassed everything, and where human values have been degraded beyond redemption, we must ask ourselves, what is the cost? What parts of ourselves will we give up?

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